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Leaded Light Restorations / Stained Glass Restorations / Copper Light Restorations

At Cheam Leaded Lights we personally liaise with our customers to see every little detail through to the final step until the window and the glass restoration is fully completed.

Copper Light Restorations

We specialise in refurbishing the copper metalwork connected with windows. Often the original copper metal framework can be restored and thus saves the expense of getting a new frame custom-made. We use metal coating paints to provide lasting protection from rust and weathering.

The Restoration Process

Leaded Light Restorations, Stained Glass Restorations, Copper Light Restorations usually take place when the elements inside the glass starts to break down which then permits a panel or the window to move, thus resulting in the whole window needing to be restored or repaired. In time this allows even more cements to fall out and the joints start to crack, ultimately cracking and breaking the glass.

In order to recover any damage, Cheam Leaded Lights have to first analyse the original window so that they can determine the issues and the design of the window. We will then take pictures of the window before we start to disassemble by then cautiously removing the panel from its stonework/timber/iron surround.

Over the years, we have been working very closely to try and find exactly what makes the “best restoration process” in order to provide longevity for the glasswork. If you want Leaded Light Windows or Stained Glass Windows restored to their natural beauty again, Cheam Leaded Lights can source all of the required materials that looks like the original and use that to restore the window, whether it being Leaded Lights, Stained Glass or Copper Lights.

Let Cheam Leaded Lights restore colour to your home or property

Over the past 30 years, we have gained a huge amount of experience and knowledge about our industry. We take a lot of pride and care in all the work we do which we hope gives our clients confidence to work with us. No repair is too small or too big for us to fix.

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